Gravity Wars 0.988 source code (released June 20, 2008)
Flash Gravity Wars (released June 30, 2008)
Uptime (released August 20, 2008)

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2008

    If you'd like to help:
  • I would like a buffer to which everything should be sent before it is drawn on the screen
  • I would like to be able to hald the shot in progress (maybe if projectiles are threads)
  • I would like to have a code check for overlap between planets and spaceships
  • I would like to be able to shoot more than one shot at a time
  • I would like to make projectiles into objects (and have a class)
  • I would like to fade the shot during its flight
  • I would like a better animation
  • I would like anti-aliasing

  • do whatever you want but share my name if you use much of what I've done
  • send me the code of what you've done, I'll put it in the next version and thank you here!

  • helpful people from forums