About the game:
Two players take turns shooting from their spaceship a projectile which is affected by the gravitational pull of planets. There is no goal other than destroying your opponent over and over; a score is kept to remind the loser of his great skill. The game is more pleasing if the shots you take are not simple; try to see how many planets you can circle first!

How this started:
Gravity Wars is not my original idea. I played a 1992 MAC version of this game with my friend and thought it fun. From my brief correspondence with the creator (Rhys Hollow) of the version for Macintosh I learned the original game was written for Amiga (and not by him). Since all the versions I could find online that would work on PC were unsatisfying I decided to re-make the game myself. Not being a programmer (having only taken a college level course in Java) I went for the easiest route: library bookshelf. I found Visual C++ to be the easiest approach (as it created the windows file menu automatically) and began to code. About a month later, after agony, tears, and much help from mIRC and the online forums community I had a working version of the game.

About me:
I'm a 23 year old University Graduate with a Bachelor's Degree of Mathematics and a Master's in Education. I am not a programmer, but I'm glad to have gone through the experience of coding. I hope you will enjoy the game.

Play this game with a friend, not against yourself; you will enjoy it more.

If you know anything about the previous versions of this game say so on Wikipedia